Bustin' Waters Amazing Gracie SH is an energetic female that is eager to please, hard charging, and a hunting machine. Grace has excellent marking ability, and runs very hard on her blinds as well.  She is always easy to find as she is always under my feet. Grace has her Senior Hunter title and a Derby Jam. Grace is my personal hunting buddy and is ALWAYS ready to go! Grace is small in stature, weighing only 60 pounds, but very muscular! She has a litter to FC Candlewood's Meet Joe Black with pups from that litter going to all kinds of venues including; Field Trials, Hunt Tests, Obedience Trials, Agility Trials, and hunting buddies.

OFA Hips LR-179947E25F-VPI                     CNM  LR-CNM74/16F-VPI
OFA Elbows LR-EL43117F27-VPI                 EIC  LR-EIC478/21F-VPI-CAR

CERF # LR-49789/2007--9                            Thyroid  LR-TH362/21F-PI
Cardiac  LR-CA3083/16F/P-PI
Official OFA Results

Bustin Waters Carbon Cruizer SH is a sweet, loving male that is an excellent hunter. Harley will lay by my blind and scan the sky for birds. Harley
is a fast learner that has nice speed, style and eager to please.  Harley has
his Senior Hunter Title
and took third place in the 2010 BRG Super Singles Intermediate event. He is no longer at our kennel. He is in training to serve our country in the Marines.

OFA Hips LR-181005G24M-VPI                      CNM  LR-CNM73/13M-VPI
OFA Elbows LR-EL43071M24-VPI                  EIC  LR-EIC468/18M-VPI-CAR
CERF #  LR-49788/2007--6                             Thyroid  LR-TH338/13M-VPI  
Cardiac  LR-CA3082/13M/P-VPI

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Bustin' Waters Go With The Flo is a very sweet, calm, small framed female, weighing in at a mere 60 pounds. She is super fast, intelligent and very eager to please. She has been at our kennel since Aug. 2010, and came to us at 8 months old. Flo is black and chocolate factored, has a very nice pedigree, and is CNM and EIC Clear. Flo has 2 Senior passes and we hope to finish her title in 2013. My daughter has claimed her as her favorite dog and likes to take her for walks.

OFA Hips LR-196961E30F-VPI                      EIC  LR-EIC1661/30F-VPI
OFA Elbows LR-EL54018F30-VPI               
Thyroid LR-TH570/30F                               
Cardiac  LR-CA5671/30F/P-VPI

Official OFA Results                                                        


Bustin' Waters In It To Win It Indy is the is the pick of the litter from our litter of NFC AFC Hunter Runs BooBoo X Bustin' Waters Amazing Grace. Indy started to leave the litter and follow me around at a very young age, you could say she picked me! Indy is very eager to please and always on the go!  She has great drive for the marks and not any slower on the blinds!  Indy is black with yellow factoring and CNM and EIC clear. Check out her pedigree!!

OFA Hips LR-210974E31F-VPI                     EIC  Clear D14-048954-1
OFA Elbows LR-EL64830F31-VPI                CERF Clear LR-368210
Thyroid LR-TH714/31F-VPI                          CNM Clear by parentage  
Official OFA Results
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MikkoBustin' Waters Center Of Attention Mikko is our newest addition. She is pick of the litter of Dynamic Fisherman MH and Bustin' Waters Go With The Flo. Mikko will be trained for hunting and be on all our hunting adventures! Mikko is great in the field and by the side of a slough! Mikko lives with my cousin, where she is calm in the house and ready to hunt when it's time! She is chocolate with no color factor, and EIC and CNM Clear.

 OFA Hips LR-217451G35F                      Cardiac LR-CA8687/35F/P-VPI
 OFA Elbows LR-EL70132F35-VPI           CERF Clear LR-EYE8197/35F-VPI
 Thyroid LR-TH781/35F-VPI                                            

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